Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe
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Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe

Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe


Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe

Chicken absurd steak is an archetypal Southern bowl that appearance tenderized and breaded steak served with a buttery white gravy. Despite the name, it’s not fabricated with craven but rather with beef steak. Here’s a basal compound for authoritative craven absurd steak:


Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe

For the Steak:

4 beef cube steaks (tenderized annular or sirloin steak)
Salt and atramentous pepper to taste
1 cup advantageous flour, divided
2 ample eggs
1/4 cup milk or buttermilk
Vegetable oil, for frying

For the Gravy:

2 tablespoons unsalted adulate or drippings from frying
2 tablespoons advantageous flour
2 cups milk
Salt and atramentous pepper to taste

Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe


For the Steak:

Prepare the Steaks: Season anniversary cube steak with alkali and atramentous pepper on both sides.

Dredge the Steaks: In a bank dish, abode 1/2 cup of flour. Dredge anniversary steak in the flour, afraid off any excess.

Prepare the Egg Wash: In addition bank dish, barrel calm the eggs and milk or buttermilk.

Coat with Breadcrumbs: Dip anniversary floured steak into the egg wash, acceptance any balance to dribble off, and again covering it with the actual flour. This bifold blanket ensures a brittle crust.

Fry the Steaks: In a ample skillet, calefaction about 1/4 inch of vegetable oil over medium-high heat. Carefully abode the coated steaks in the hot oil and fry for about 3-4 account on anniversary side, or until aureate amber and adapted through. Avoid bottleneck the skillet; you may charge to fry in batches.

Drain and Rest: Once fried, alteration the steaks to a bowl lined with cardboard towels to cesspool balance oil. Allow them to blow for a few minutes.

For the Gravy:

Prepare the Roux: In the aforementioned bucket (remove balance oil, abrogation about 2 tablespoons), cook the adulate or use the drippings from frying the steaks. Add 2 tablespoons of abrade and barrel to actualize a roux. Cook for 1-2 account until the roux is aureate in color.

Add Milk: Gradually cascade in the milk while whisking consistently to anticipate chastening from forming. Continue whisking until the admixture thickens and begins to simmer. Cook for a few added account until the gravy alcove your adapted consistency.

Season: Season the gravy with alkali and atramentous pepper to taste. Adjust the condiment to your preference.


Serve the craven absurd steaks with the buttery gravy ladled over the top. It’s generally served with abandon like mashed potatoes, vegetables, or biscuits.

Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe

Enjoy this indulgent and acceptable Southern abundance food!

Chicken absurd steak is an aged and affable bowl that’s enjoyed for its indulgent and abating qualities. However, it’s important to agenda that craven absurd steak is advised a calorie-dense and health-focused bowl due to its breading, frying, and buttery gravy components. While it may not action all-encompassing comestible benefits, actuality are a few considerations: Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe

Satiety: Craven absurd steak can accommodate an activity of adequateness due to its aggregate of protein and carbohydrates from the steak and breading.

Protein Source: The steak acclimated in craven absurd steak is an antecedent of high-quality protein, which is capital for beef maintenance, allowed function, and all-embracing health.

Source of Energy: Craven absurd steak contains carbohydrates from the breading and possibly accompanying ancillary dishes like mashed potatoes. Carbohydrates accommodate activity for assorted actual functions.

Cultural Enjoyment: Craven absurd steak is a archetypal Southern abundance aliment bowl with cultural significance. Enjoying such dishes can accommodate a faculty of affiliation to comestible ancestry and bounded traditions.Chicken fried steak ingredients and recipe


Calories and Fat: Craven absurd steak is about breaded and fried, which adds calories and ailing fats to the dish. The buttery gravy additionally contributes to the calorie and fat content.

Fried Cooking Method: Frying foods can advance to the accumulation of adverse compounds and access the calorie agreeable due to oil absorption.

Sodium Content: The gravy and possibly the steak breading can accord to the dish’s sodium content. Aerial sodium assimilation can accord to bloom apropos like aerial claret pressure.

Nutrient Balance: Craven absurd steak is generally defective in a counterbalanced comestible profile, with bound vitamins, minerals, and comestible fiber. To advance all-embracing health, it’s important to absorb an array of nutrient-rich foods into your diet.

Moderation: Due to its calorie and fat content, the craven absurd steak should be enjoyed in balance as a casual amusement rather than an approved allotment of your diet.

Tips for a Healthier Version:

If you’re attracted to adore an adaptation of craven absurd steak with hardly bigger comestible qualities:

  • Opt for bacteria cuts of steak and trim any arresting fat.
  • Use whole-grain abrade for breading or try other coatings like ashamed whole-grain atom for added fiber.
  • Consider baking the breaded steak instead of frying to abate the calorie and fat content.
  • Make the gravy with reduced-fat milk or use a lighter sauce.
  • Ultimately, craven absurd steak is a bowl that’s enjoyed for its aftertaste and abundance rather than its comestible benefits. If you
  • accept to indulge, do so carefully and accede acclimation it with nutrie8.nt-rich foods in your all-embracing diet

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