1. Privacy policy

  2. Privacy policy Introduction
    • the purpose of the privacy policy and its application to the recipe website/application. is provide easy and healthy recipes
    • Provide information about the daily cooking recipesĀ  (you or your company) and how you can contact you regarding privacy-related concerns.
    • e-mail priyasingh78605@gmail.com
  3. Information Collected
    • Detail the types of personal information collected from users. This could include:
      • Personal identification information (name, email address, etc.).
      • Technical information (IP address, device information, browser type, etc.).
      • Cooking preferences or dietary restrictions voluntarily provided by users.
      • Cookies and other tracking technologies used on the website.
  4. How Information is Used
    • Describe the purposes for which you collect and use the information, such as:
      • Providing recipe content and related services.
      • Personalizing user experience.
      • Sending newsletters or recipe updates (with explicit user consent).
      • Analyzing website usage to improve content and user experience.
  5. Legal Basis for Processing
    • Specify the legal basis for processing personal data, such as user consent or legitimate interests.
  6. Data Sharing and Third Parties
    • Explain if and how you share users’ data with third parties, such as analytics services or advertising partners.
    • Provide information about any third-party tools or plugins used on the website that may collect user data.
  7. User Choices and Control
    • Inform users of their rights regarding their personal information, including the right to access, correct, and delete their data.
    • Explain how users can opt-out of certain data collection or processing activities, if applicable.
  8. Data Security
    • Describe the security measures in place to protect users’ personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure.
  9. Data Retention
    • Indicate how long you will retain users’ personal data and the criteria used to determine the retention period.
  10. Children’s Privacy
    • State that the website is not intended for children under a certain age and explain your approach to handling data of minors.
  11. Changes to the Privacy Policy
    • Explain how and when you will update the privacy policy and notify users of any material changes.
  12. Consent
    • Describe how users give their consent to the privacy policy (e.g., by using the website or checking a box during registration).
  13. Governing Law
    • Specify the governing law and jurisdiction that will apply in case of disputes related to the privacy policy.